Liz Hitchcock Receives Special Recognition for her Efforts within the Artistic community

The New Hampshire Business Committee for the Arts recognized Liz Hitchcock as the 2019 Leadership Award recipient at their 35th annual award banquet on Monday, May 6th This award acknowledges an individual with a special commitment and passion for progressing the creative community of Manchester. Through her work with several organizations - the Manchester Arts Commission, the Currier Museum of Art, Manchester Connects and the Rex Theatre to name a few- Liz has distinguished herself as a dedicated advocate for the cultural and artistic economy. Currently, Liz is working as a co-developer of the Factory on Willow; a mill building that is being redeveloped into a residential and commercial space artists, entrepreneurs and businesses. This inter-supportive community will foster networking opportunities and continue to advance the creative economy of Manchester.

In reflection of receiving this award, Liz has shared her appreciation and thoughts with us below:

Thank you, I am honored to be standing in front of a room of many I consider my mentors and many that I consider friends. For the past 15 years I have spent hours upon hours thinking about arts and culture and our community, and it all ends up coming down to a few simple things I’ve learned.

The power of the collective- Joan Goshgarian and the NH council for the Arts pulled together a group for many years uniting the Creative Communities of NH. We’d learn from each other and collaborate with each other. The main point of the group was that arts and culture are and will continue to be a huge driver for our economy.  Over the years I’ve also come to learn that it is an even larger workforce development tool, making communities out of places that people want to work, live and play in.

Next I’ve learned that sometimes you just need to do something- wise members of those collectives taught me that sometimes, you can talk and you can plan, but in the end you just need to do, you need to take one small step after another and make change around you. I try to do that every single day. Small change can lead to some really amazing outcomes!

Finally by doing I have learned that giving someone an experience that is unexpected and delightful can change their day, change their expectations of their community and sometimes change their life and heck it even feels great for the person that created the experience, drawing some of that delight you have given to someone else and feeding on it to want to do more.

Arts is life changing. Art is what makes us human and arts is community.

Of course none of this could happen without the help of my partner, Jeremy Hitchcock and all of the teams that I get to regularly work with including Orbit Group and Currier Museum folks.

Thank you again and congrats to Tricia Soule on her first of many NHBCA galas!

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