Our Vision

Amy Chhom & Elizabeth Hitchcock

Amy Chhom & Elizabeth Hitchcock

Enticing entrepreneurs and creatives to live and work in Manchester, NH

Building a community with a culture of entrepreneurism and creativity, living inside of a unique, historical space. A place where innovators and business professionals will find new opportunities to collaborate and share experiences each day. Business-minded and creative people can meet, share insight, and network from the comfort of their own homes. Showcase your work in a FACTORY of entrepreneurs and experience the benefits of living and working in a networking neighborhood at 252 Willow St, Manchester, NH 03103.

Our Residential Units

Still in design, our residential units are created for those who both LIVE and WORK, valuing a community of like-minded persons.  Every floor plan is being designed specifically with remote employees, entrepreneurs, makers, and creatives in mind. Our ultimate goal is to provide opportunities to create and sell products all in one affordable space. Be the first to know when we begin leasing →

Our Commercial Leasing Opportunities

Businesses, office space, eating establishments, and retail opportunities will add to the active commercial appeal of the property, while individuals benefit from the convenient location of businesses.  Spaces designed for your specific business are available from 1000 square feet to 15,000 Square Feet. Interested our seeing the space? Let’s talk →